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Community Links

Here at Waddington Redwood Primary Academy, we have established links with a range of organisations in our community.

Starting school...

Transition from nursery to Reception

We have forged strong links with our local nurseries to ensure the smooth transition of children into our Early Years Foundation Stage.  Our teachers visit the children in their nurseries long before they start school, and important information is passed to us so we can start planning for the children as early as possible.

...and leaving school

Transition from Year 6 to Secondary School

Moving to secondary school is an exciting time for our Year 6 children, but it can also be a daunting one.  To minimise the children’s anxiety, we start the transition process in the spring term.  Once parents/carers have been informed about school places, we liaise with secondary schools, passing on academic information about the children and passing on details of any additional needs.  During the summer term, secondary schools visit the children at Redwood and all children have the opportunity to attend an Induction Day at their selected secondary school.  We also offer an extended transition programme for any children feeling particularly anxious about the changes ahead.

Cluster meetings

At Redwood, we understand the importance of working collaboratively with other schools in the locality. 

We arrange regular meetings with colleagues in other schools to discuss new initiatives, share good practice and act as ‘Critical Friends’.

Children’s Centre

Although the Children’s Centre is located in a building separate to the school, we enjoy having opportunities to participate in joint events and share resources. 

The Centre takes part in our annual summer fair and we have recently attended a ‘Meet the Schools’ event hosted there.

Road Safety Partnership

Every year our Year 2 children take part in Pedestrian Training.  They have the opportunity to work with Pam Street from Lincolnshire County Council on important road safety skills.  This scheme provides children with invaluable experience of how to be a safe pedestrian on our increasingly busy roads.  The initial theory session explains to children why we need to be safe and what hazards to look out for.  The following two sessions allow children to put theory into practice and under the supervision of Pam Street and some willing parent volunteers, children demonstrate how to be safe when out and about.  All children receive a certificate, information booklet and reflective key ring to help them to ‘be safe and be seen’.

Links with Wyvern School Leicestershire

 Children’s Rights:  Article 15- “Every child has the right to meet other children and join groups.”

  1. Waddington Redwood are very proud to have links with Wyvern School-a Rights Respecting School- in Leicester. Our links began in 2015 when the RE adviser for Lincolnshire and Leicestershire partnered us together.  Mrs Jones (RE coordinator at Redwood) and Mrs White (RE coordinator at Wyvern) have enjoyed sharing good practise and ideas over the last few years . During 2015-16 our Y5/6 children enjoyed a day travelling to Leicester, visiting a Hindu Mandir and then spending the rest of the day getting to know the Wyvern children at their school. This was a fantastic experience for all children and staff concerned.  One parent helper wrote after the event:
  2. What a great trip to the Mandir and Wyvern School in Leicester today. The kids behaved brilliantly and were so quiet and respectful around the Mandir, they were a credit to the school and themselves.
  3. Watching the Redwood and Wyvern kids making friendship bracelets and playing in the playground was an example to us all of how to get on and make friends. It was a real pleasure to help out on this trip.  Mrs Jones did a fab job organising it and deserves a huge pat on the back for being a forerunner in partnering Lincolnshire schools with those of different religions, cultures and backgrounds.
  4. Educating and encouraging kids at this age to embrace difference is what our future diverse communities depend on.”

In June it was Redwood’s turn to host the Y6 Wyvern children.  They visited our local church- St Michael’s at Waddington -then spent the day with us.  We all made friendship pebbles and the Wyverns children’s stones are laid amongst the pathway in our reflection zone.  Our stones have been placed in their sensory garden too.  We had a visit from our RE adviser and ended the day with a joint sing song that brought a tear to everyone’s eyes.

We look forward to more links this year with the Y3/4 children coming on board too. 
This has been a fantastic experience for both staff and pupils from both settings.  We are one of only a small number of schools so far to participate in a venture like this and Mrs Jones and Mrs White have shared the successes of this partnership with the Lincoln and Leicester SACRE committees and the local county council.  

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