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Parent Helpers and Volunteers

The school welcomes parents and volunteers, and we very much value the help and support they provide. Helpers usually commit to spending regular slots of time in school each week, but there are opportunities for parents to come into school for one-off events, for example for special curriculum days or weeks.  It may also be possible for parents to help run extra-curricular clubs - anything that appeals to the children and which helps to enrich the curriculum. 

Our volunteers help in a variety of ways; for example,

  • they hear children read,
  • prepare resources,
  • assist with art activities
  • support groups of children in the classroom. 

We also welcome volunteers into school during special occasions to share their experiences or skills.  For example, during our Maths Week, the children found out how maths is used by some of our working parents in their jobs.

Our parent helpers and volunteers prove to be invaluable when classes go out on trips; those who help regularly in school are already known to both the teaching staff and the children, and this helps significantly with the  organising of adult support and ensuring all children have access to a familiar face while on an out-of-school visit.

Adults helping in school with the children are always under the supervision of the class teacher, who explains the task, what is required of the children and the helper’s role within that setting.  Parent helpers are asked to be aware that their presence in the same classroom as their child can sometimes cause adverse reactions and therefore may be asked to support in a different classroom.  Individual teachers reserve the right to make this decision.  All adults must have a clear DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certificate before helping in school.

Interested in helping?

If you are a parent or carer of a child at Redwood and have a special skill or talent, you may want to come in and talk to the children about it.  Please do let us know. 

If you are interested in volunteering in school on a more regular basis, please contact the school office staff, who will be able to give you more information.

Friends of Redwood

The Friends’ Association are a team of people who organize events and fundraising schemes. These include school discos for the children, fairs at Christmas and in the summer, and coffee afternoons and other events. Find out more

Redwood Drive, Waddington,Lincoln LN5 9BN T 01522 721156 F 01522723672 E

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