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Religious Education

We follow the Lincolnshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education, coupled with additional resource material from the enquiry based scheme "Discovery RE".  

Pupils learn "about" religion, exploring human experience, and "from" religion, responding to human experience.  

  • In KS1 Children explore concepts from Christianity and one other world religion.  
  • In Key Stage 2, children explore Christianity and at least two other world religions.

We have been very busy in our RE lessons this term.  Year 3 and 4 have been investigating “How a Muslim can show the best commitment to God”.  We even had our own wudu area and learnt how Muslims pray! 

Year 5 and 6 have been learning about Sikhism and had a fantastic day with Mr Harkirat Singh from the Sikh Education Authority in Northampton.  We made our own curry and chappatis and set up a Langar in the small hall.  The children then humbly served any member of the community who came through the Langar doors.  At Redwood this meant a host of hungry children, staff and governors, parents and grandparents throughout the day!  Other challenges were building a Gurdwara as a team and thinking about how we, as good citizens, can take positive steps to care for and benefit others in our community.

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Talking of positive steps, the Year 6 children have had a very special afternoon with Rev Annabel from Waddington Church creating a labyrinth, using their shoes to line the pathway.  They thought about their journey through Redwood, the challenges and the friendships.  Parents joined us as we looked together at one door closing and a new adventure beginning.  As I had been these children’s Reception teacher, I looked back fondly on them, thinking of when I used to tie their shoe laces or buckle their shoes after PE, and how proud we are of them all now as they fly the nest! We had a great afternoon and a few tissues were needed!

Redwood Drive, Waddington,Lincoln LN5 9BN T 01522 721156 F 01522723672 E

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