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School attendance and requests for leave of absence

The Education (Amendment) Regulations 2013 removed provision for Head Teachers to grant leave in ‘special circumstances’ and only allow leave to be granted in ‘exceptional circumstances’.

The regulations do not allow the Head Teacher to authorise absence for the following circumstances:

  • Relatives visiting;
  • Visiting family/friends who have different school holiday times;
  • Availability of cheap holidays or desired accommodation;
  • Poor weather experienced in the school holiday period;
  • Overlap with beginning or end of term;
  • Day trips;
  • Illness where no medical evidence is forthcoming.

Exceptional circumstances may include:

  • Family trauma, e.g. bereavement, serious illness
  • Close family wedding, e.g. parents, or religious events, e.g. confirmation

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Redwood Drive, Waddington,Lincoln LN5 9BN T 01522 721156 F 01522723672 E

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