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Behaviour Survey: July 2016

Thank you to all parents/carers who completed the end of year questionnaire on the new behaviour policy and procedures. The views of staff and pupils were also gathered. The findings were as follows:

  • 100% of staff, 97% of parents/carers and 98% of children reported that they understood the new behaviour system in school;
  • 91% of staff, 89% of parents/carers and 86% of children felt that they loss of playtime for low-level incidents was effective in deterring future offences;
  • 100% of staff, 92% of parents/carers and 76% of children felt that the loss of a lunchtime and time for reflection were effective in dealing with more serious incidents;
  • 100% of staff and 91% of parents/carers reported that the celebrations and rewards in school promote good behaviour.  The responses from children were varied, depending on their age – the oldest pupils in the school (Year 6) were less positive than those in other year groups.  The current Year 6 pupils (Year 5 at the time of the survey) are much more positive.

Since the introduction of the new policy, improvements have been seen in school:

  • The monitoring of behaviour is now consistent and rigorous – this means we are able to identify children who need additional support with behaviour early on;
  • Communication with parents/carers has improved – we inform you as soon as possible of any serious incidents and encourage regular discussions with the class teachers.  Please remember, we operate an open door policy and welcome you in school to discuss your child’s behaviour should you have any concerns;
  • Behaviour at playtimes and lunchtimes has improved – there has been a 36% reduction in the number of minutes lost during lunchtimes; children line up more promptly and are talking less, although this still needs a little work;
  • Incidents of low-level disruptive behaviour in lessons has reduced, with a 53% reduction in the number of minutes lost during lesson time;
  • The children’s conduct around the school is excellent – they are polite and show consideration for others;
  • The school environment promotes positive behaviour and the system is based on rewards and celebrations, not sanctions. 

Thank you for working with us to promote excellent behaviour at Waddington Redwood Primary School.

Redwood Drive, Waddington,Lincoln LN5 9BN T 01522 721156 F 01522723672 E

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