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Redwood Kids Club

About our Club

Redwood Kids’ Club is located in the main hall at Waddington Redwood Primary Academy.  It provides after school care for children from Reception to Y6. It is managed by the Voluntary Management Committee, which meets regularly and is responsible for making decisions.  These decisions are concerned with finances, policies and ensuring that all requirements of its registration are met.

We undergo a regular OFSTED inspection from which we receive an inspection report; a copy is on display on our notice board for reference.  The day-to-day running of the club is the responsibility of the Club Co-ordinator who ensures your children is provided with a secure and stimulating environment.

Our Aims:

  • To provide good quality and affordable childcare;
  • To employ qualified, experienced and local staff;
  • To provide a variety of play opportunities within an equal opportunities framework;
  • To provide a friendly, relaxed and creative environment in which the children feel happy and secure;
  • To encourage each child to participate in a selection of varied activities;
  • To work in partnership with parents/carers, the school and the local community;
  • To ensure that our procedures are followed and their effectiveness evaluated.

Opening hours

Breakfast Club: 7.30am – 8.45am

Kids’ Club: 3.05pm – 6.00pm

(Charges available on request; term time only)

Holiday Club: 8.30am – 5.00pm

(Minimum charge applies; details on request)

If you have a talent or skill that you could share with Kids’ Club, please let us know.  It would be greatly appreciated; out of pocket expenses paid to volunteers.

For more details, contact the Club Co-ordinator on 07709196825

Admission Policy

Our After School club is open to all pupils who attend Waddington Redwood Primary Academy. The Holiday club however welcomes children from ALL primary schools, on a first come-first served basis, although priority will be given to pupils attending Waddington Redwood Primary Academy.


It is important that a registration form is completed for any child prior to joining the club and that we are made aware of any changes to personal details.


Your child will only be accepted at sessions which have been PRE-BOOKED and AGREED.

Your child should be collected promptly at the end of the session. Late charges apply: £3 per quarter hour, rounded to the nearest quarter of an hour.


When booking your child/ren a place at Kids’ Club, either by telephone or in writing, it will be deemed that you will adhere to our policies.  A copy of our policies is kept in Kids’ Club for your perusal.


Please inform us as soon as possible if your child is unwell and unable to attend.  Every effort will be made to contact the parents or guardians should a child become unwell whilst at the club.  However, the Club Co-ordinator reserves the right to obtain medical assistance in an emergency.


An authorised person, named on the registration form, must sign children in and out of the club.  Please inform the Club Co-ordinator of any exceptions to this arrangement to ensure your child’s safety.  A handwritten note signed by the parent/carer must be sent with your child/ren and handed to the playworker, who will be waiting to collect your child from school if there is a same-day change in plans.


We have an up to date Safeguarding Policy that we strictly adhere to.


All items of clothing must be clearly marked with the child’s name. Please remember to send appropriate footwear.


Children are not permitted to wear jewellery (except watches and earrings), or bring money or other valuable items into the club. 

The club will not accept responsibility for damage to, or the loss or theft of, personal possessions. 


The FULL CHARGE will be incurred.

Behaviour and Discipline

All children are expected to treat each other, the staff and all equipment with respect.